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To flower and make even more beautiful an environment that is already sensational, we have a garden that brings together various species of flowers of the region, giving the environment a special color.


"Dont chase the butterflies. Take care of your garden and they will come to you."

- Mário Quintana

The view

Located over 1,300 meters above sea level, the inn offers its guests a wonderful view of the chains mountain of Visconde de Mauá. This same view, centuries ago, delighted the drovers who came to the region to transport a lot of goods, which ended up making the place an observatory, where they stopped to see the beautiful scenery.


At the headquarter of the inn, our guests can find the necessary support to make the stay even more enjoyable. In addition to a corner with comfortable chairs, great to chat, we also have a bookshelf with several copies of books, some games and fireplace. It is in this environment where we serve our meals, with tables placed very close to the windows, which gives a great view of the beautiful landscape.


Crossing the eight stone arches you will find our bungalows carved in the mountains between pines and eucalyptus. Are small alpine chalets with fireplace, hammock on the porch, in the right measure of his dream. From the balcony , you'll realize why , over the years , this point was used as a lookout point for drovers who passed through the region. The view from the balcony is an invitation to observe the beautiful landscape of the region.


In this place, surrounded by objects, posters and theater props, you take your breakfast, travels through the clouds, light the fire and stop time. Our reception is also an area of social life, where you can interact with other guests and exchange ideas and information about their delightful experiences in our region.


In a very inviting atmosphere surrounded by posters, you will find a pool table , dart board , table for card games and various other attractives to enjoy comfortably. In our outdoor area also we have an outdoor shower , perfect to make your connection with nature.


On the outside of the inn there's a pretty swimming pool, surrounded by a beautiful landscape composed of the Visconde de Mauá's mountains and beautiful flowers of the field, which give a special color for all over the place. It is also an excellent place to sit, chat and enjoy the pleasant climate of region.


To offer more, in addition to a variety of entertainment available in our inn, and to increase the temperature in the coldest days, our inn has a very comfortable sauna, perfect to relax and chat.


Bringing together different species of flowers, our Greenhouse ends up becoming an excellent and practical way to our guests to have direct contact with nature, finding various flowers and plants that give a special touch of beauty to our region.


To make your stay even more enjoyable, theres a space exclusively designed for your relaxation. There you can disconnect from the world and enjoy the true peace that the region offers.