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Visconde de Mauá

The Visconde de Mauá region is made by rapids rivers that form beautiful valleys that are home to a lot of villages , the most known of the region are Visconde de Mauá, Maringa and Maromba. It is exactly in Maringa that is located Casa da Colina, where 30 years ago visitors climbed with horses to enjoy the scenery. To learn more about this beautiful region, please visit:

How To Get

How To Get

GPS: 22° 19'09 08"S / 44° 34'59 16"W

Coming from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro:

- Take the Presidente Dutra highway

- Passing by Itatiaia (going to Rio), or Resende (goingo to São Paulo), take the road to Penedo, at km 311.

- Follow the indications that lead to Visconde de Mauá.

- Arriving in Visconde de Mauá , go to Maringá (5 km).

- Go straight ahead to the crossroad with multiple plates right with Maringa / Maromba statement. (caution: dont be confused with Pousada na Colina)

- Go to the right, towards Maringa -MG.

- Cross the bridge and go left.

- Go straight ahead, going up constantly, until the gateway of Casa da Colina (2km).